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They are 100% naturally shed and sourced from the USA to ensure the highest quality. Antlers last for months! Our 100% Natural USA Elk Antler Dog Chews are the perfect answer to "what is the best natural chew toy for my dog? Great for dogs under 10 lbs These Natural Shed Elk Antlers for Dogs (Shop Below) Grade A Elk Antlers. Discard when they get short, before any pieces can be swallowed. The white, chalky looking antlers we stay away from as they have been sitting out in the sun for too long making them brittle. Whole antlers are great for tough chewers. FREE shipping and the BEST customer service! Results 1 - 36 of 66 USA Bones & Chews Elk Antler Split Dog Chew, 7. Click on the image below to see Elk Antlers for Dogs (Large 7-9') Grade-A Premium Antler Chews for Dogs. Each undergoes a 11 step quality control process to ensure your dog is receiving the best and Barkworthies grade-A, naturally shed split elk antlers have a smaller profile which is appealing to more dogs. It provides a source of calcium phosphorus, manganese and zinc. The hardest and densest part of our elk antlers for dogs comes from the base which makes a great antler chew for hard chewing dogs that need more of a challenge. This provides a safe, long-lasting and always delicious chewing experience for your dog. Long-lasting. So go ahead and treat your furry friend to this non-allergenic, odor free, all natural dog chew! Elk antlers are the softest in density and are best for puppies, older dogs, and dogs with sensitive teeth or gums. Older and picky dogs are generally not as interested in chewing antlers unless it happens to be a really "good" one (humans can not tell the difference!). These antlers are sheds (antlers that are not from harvested animals) that drop off the animals from late fall through winter. These all-natural antlers are a rich source of essential nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous and minerals. Each year the bull elk re-grow a new set of antlers. Now here’s a SUPER popular dog chew! After all, they’re natural and “sustainably harvested” (elk and deer shed their antlers naturally). This chew provides the best of both worlds - long-lasting chewing enjoyment and easy access to tasty marrow. Wapiti Labs Antlers are premium grade North American antlers that are naturally shed from ranch-raised elk. 7 out of 5 stars 2,872 $29. Elk Antlers for Dogs Large, Premium, Grade A, 100% Natural Shed, Dog Antler Chews - The Perfect, Long Lasting Antler Chews for DogsCheck Price on AmazonDescription:The Very Best Elk Antlers for Dogs! Antlers for dogs are also available very large sized antler chews for the big guys (and gals)! Antlers for Dogs are the Most Desirable Treat for Chewing and for Lasting a Long Time! When you have a new pup with chewing needs, elk antlers for dogs are good because puppies can chew on these! Split Elk Antlers for Dogs are long lasting, all natural, and are of the highest quality. This is Rocky from San Diego! . Prairie Dog Antlers are North American antlers that are naturally shed or harvested. General Information . Shop Chewy for low prices on antler dog chews. All our Elk antlers are North American antlers that are naturally shed or harvested. Product Description: Large Elk Antlers will satisfy your pup’s equally large appetite for chewing. Bones, antlers, rawhide, and even Nylabones are all controversial when used as chew toys for dogs, and they May 28, 2019 · Elk Antlers For Dogs. 0 out of 5 Other specs: We hand sort all of our antlers by weight - large elk antlers weigh between 201g-300g. Both dogs are constantly chewing on the antlers. CDN$ 19. Premium Antlers Elk Extra Large- Antlers are great dog chews. minimum purchase) CAUTION: Naturally weathered antler can be punky Got Antler? Offers The Best USA Moose, Elk and Deer Antler Dogs Chews. See more ideas about Elk antlers for dogs, Elk antlers and Dog Food Advisor › Forums › Dog Treats › Best Chew (antlers,bones,bully,raw bone)? Viewing 31 posts - 1 through 31 (of 31 total) Author Posts September 18, 2014 at 1:38 pm #52185 Report Abuse Travis AMember I’m trying to find something for my 2 boys Pit/Shepherd mixes. the mess. 5+ in, XX-Large at Chewy. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. The dogs that appreciate chewing antlers the most are young dogs and dogs that just love to chew. Processed correctly, antlers should be 100% natural, with no additives. Compared to many other dog chews and toys on the market, Jim Hodges Elk Antler for Dogs has chosen to join the ranks of environmentally-aware alternatives. They are natural treats and will vary in shape and size. The Antlers are from free range Elk, Moose & Deer that naturally shed every year. Now that you know the difference between elk and deer antlers, you should be able to answer this. This hard antler is cut into pieces which make ideal bones for dogs to chew on. Shop all dog All natural; For heavy chewers; Large and Extra Large Dogs. They are long lasting and full of calcium and minerals. No chemicals or preservatives. We use only Grade A, Rocky Mountain Antlers. We weigh each antler but because each antler is unique, the length and diameter will vary piece to piece. Both dogs and people enjoy them. If the antlers are not cut off, they naturally fall off when the new set starts to grow. After a lot of research, we came up with a list of top ten best antler chews for dogs that are strong or weak chewers. Dec 06, 2019 · PREMIUM ELK ANTLERS FOR DOGS - You will get ONE Large Antler Chew that is 6"+ in length and is an excellent treat for larger dogs weighing between 45-70 pounds. Oct 16, 2015 · Best dog chews are not easy to find. Two Perfectly sized Chews for dogs that are 40lbs and up, such as a Labrador, a German Shepard, or a Golden Retriever. Elk antlers are the longest lasting chews available on the market. Elk antlers provide a great taste for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Showing all 8 results Extra Large Elk Antler. View This Product; Elk Antler Chew GIANT sliced Moose paddles antlers for the medium and large sized dogs that love antler! Naturally-Shed, somewhat weathered, lower- grade (Bor C grade) Moose Antler paddles, sliced length-wise into 9 inch to 14 inch platters with tines, each about 1/2 to 1 inch thick r (2 lb. What about elk antlers for dogs? Elk Antlers for Dogs are long-lasting chews made from antlers that are naturally shed and re-grown by male elk each year and collected from ranch-raised elk. Dogs can chew on these elk antlers for dogs for days and days, unlike most treats or rawhide bones. North American Antler is 100% natural and full of nutrition, providing a healthy source of calcium  Offering a variety of cuts and sizes of Maine moose antler dog chews. It's a renewable and sustainable chew that is naturally shed in the USA and collected and cleaned without the use of chemicals. The average XL-WHOLE Chew is 12 ounces, so typically a 2 pound order yields approx. These present a greater chewing challenge than our split elk antlers, but are less dense than our whole deer antlers. Elk antlers provide great taste and health benefits for dogs. Great for antler chew for large dogs and heavier chewers. One antler can weight up to 10 pounds or more! These antlers make great chews for large breed dogs, and they also are a great antler for splitting. Healthy Dogs are Happy Dogs Elk Antler Dog Chews Click on the photo above to view each of our elk antler dog chew products! Deer Antler Dog Chews Click on the photo above to view all of our deer antler dog chew products! These large dog breeds may also enjoy an extra large antler chew, which is is 2 inches longer and thinker in diameter than the large. Just follow the checklist below: Split elk antlers: For puppies, senior dogs, beginners Monster Sized Elk Antlers for Dogs - 13+ Oz Super Jumbo Antler Dog Chews - Long Lasting Dog Bone - Dog Toys for Large Dogs - Best Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers - USA Sourced - Veteran Owned Company Shopping. Our antlers are the highest quality North American antlers on the market today. Splits are great for softer chewers or dogs not familiar with elk antler products. It can feel, sometimes, like nothing is safe for dogs anymore. Grade A antlers have the most flavor for your pup! Elk antlers will last hours or days for any aggressive chewer, no matter the dog's size. Antler dog bones are very durable and last a long time! elk chews, deer antler chews are especially great for puppies, aggressive chewers, and larger dogs. They love the variety of splits, batons, pit bull pacifiers they’ve got them all!! Mar 03, 2019 · Are Deer Antlers For Dogs A Good Chew Toy? Obviously we can no longer use deer antlers as a chew toy/supplement for our guide dog puppies in training, but then again we never had the chance to use them in the first place. Although smaller dogs may size up, it is not recommended to get smaller antlers for big dogs. Great for small to medium to large dogs – non-aggressive chewers. These elk antlers contain no antibiotics, growth hormones, or additives! Therefore, any eco-friendly doggie household would be happy to have one. Move over rawhide there's a new chew in town and it has people running We pay more to ensure you receive High Quality Elk Antlers. NOTE: No animals were harmed in producing these dog treats. 00 Select Extra Large Elk Antler quantity. Antlers for dogs are a healthy alternative to corny biscuits that your dog will love AND will be great for his body. Jan 24, 2012 · One person even mentions that his dogs love Elk Antlers even more than they love the Deer Antlers (which is a lot)! I went ahead and dug even deeper into the antler for dogs market and found many different sizes and variations including deer antlers for dogs, elk antlers for dogs, moose antlers for dogs, and reindeer antlers for dogs Nov 03, 2019 · The elk roam in the wild, shed their antlers annually, and the antlers are collected by companies that package and market them as chews for dogs. About Redbarn Large Solid Antlers Jan 01, 2020 · Elk is an overall larger antler in comparison to deer antlers. The Deer, Elk or Moose antlers provide great taste and health benefits for your dog. 00 +IN Tax Mix & Match 3 Medium Antlers. Many people have wondered whether antlers are safe for dogs. Description: Antlers are sorted by weight, rather than length - large deer antlers A or B. Nov 27, 2019 · Ideal For: Small dogs and pups (mini and small sizes), medium dogs, and large dogs . 5". D eer, elk, and moose antlers have become very popular alternatives to rawhide. Raising elk and deer for 20 years, and buying and selling antler for over 12 years, we really do KNOW antlers and the dog antler chew that meets your dogs needs. If you're interested in Pawalla, please use my $5 off coupon code: KLUTZY www. Great for all ages. Our ultra-durable chews provide long lasting chewing enjoyment, satisfying even the most determined chewers. Bag – Every order comes with a full pound of 4-5 BarknBig Elk Antlers Split 7-10". Note: Prices May  GIANT Elk Antlers for Dogs Large, XX Large Grade A Premium Natural Antler Dog Chew, 1 Antler, Made In USA, For Large, Extra Large & Aggressive Chewers ,  Buy USA Bones & Chews Elk Antler Dog Chew, 9. If your dogs are destroying Kong toys and Nylabones in a matter of minutes, this is your boy. Moose are larger and darker than elk; bulls have distinctively different antlers. The length of the Large Gnawtler elk antlers is 6" - 7". Find a variety of elk antler and horn chews for your dog with Best Bully Sticks! These all-natural, long-lasting chews Large Split Elk Antler (1 Count). This size is recommended for Medium to Large dogs. 99 $ 29 . antlers as dog chews, dog bones, dog chews, dog tears up everything, dogs, elk antlers, good bones for good dogs, The Antlers are a natural chew for your dogs - no chemicals, fantastic source of calcium, phosphorus, zinc & also great for tarter control. New antlers also reproduce every year in Crafts Knife Handles Whitetail Deer Shed Rack Horns Taxidermy Common Snapping Turtle Shell Taxidermy Mule Deer Shed Antlers Roe Buck Deer Antlers Knife Handles Whitetail Deer Skull European Knife Handles Crafts Dated Black Forest White Tail Deer Skull Deer Antlers Skull Cap Deer Antlers Rustic Deer Antler Tines 11 Point Whitetail Deer Sheep Ram Spizzles Elk Antler Dog Chews are available in two styles to offer two unique chewing experiences that are perfect for any dog. This page is full of chews for that Retriever, lab, Afghan, Hound, Boxers, Setters, Greyhound, Wirehaired, Husky, Coon Dogs, Chow, Shepard, Basset, Airedale, etc For Larger quantities, see my "1 and 2 LB Lots" and "Bulk Pricing" Tabs. Buy best Antler Dog Chews at PeaksNPaws. I ordered them the mammoth antler once before but it was way too large for my fur kids so I gifted it to my brothers German Shepherd. Cruelty Free, Naturally Shed. Grade A Premium Elk Antlers for Dogs Large and Extra Large (7-14 inches long). A natural dog chew! Premium ELK Antler - Large (7" Description Newt's Chews Premium Elk Antlers are naturally shed antlers that make the perfect chew treat for any dog. 5 out of 5 stars (8,789) Large Elk Antler Dog Chew (dogs weighing 45-90 lbs. Browse our selection of elk antlers for dogs now! RidgeRunner The BEAST Elk Antler Dog Chew Bones - for Very Large Dogs. . Tibetan Elk Antlers for Dogs are sure to be long lasting and loaded with flavor. These chews are one of the best bones for dogs because they are made with real chicken and vegetables and contain no rawhide. Elk are twice as large as deer species – translating to larger antler racks (in length and width) ; Though large in size, elk antler tends to have a thinner outer core surrounding the marrow in the center of the antler – this makes elk antler an excellent choice for dogs who are considered mild to aggressive chewers Elk Antlers - Items tagged as "Elk antler for large dogs" Elk are also called wapiti, a Native American word that means "light-colored deer. Barkworthies Elk Antlers are dense, durable dog chews that will give your dog hours of chew time, beneficial vitamins and minerals as well as cleaner teeth! Our American-sourced, naturally-shed elk antlers come from the Rocky Mountains. Elk are more than twice as heavy as mule deer and have a more reddish hue to their hair coloring, as well as large, buff-colored rump patches and smaller tails. 0 out of 5 stars 1. The antlers are Grade A and B, meaning they are the highest quality product on the market today. Deer antlers are too soft, moose antlers are too hard, elk antlers are Jun 23, 2013 - Explore anniestoll's board "Elk / Antlers", followed by 323 people on Pinterest. This split Elk Antler is extremely tasty due to its exposed marrow, offering your dog a much softer/easier chew. This is Lucky from Kansas! . For Large, X-Large and Giant Breed Dogs. That outer sheath is what I think would cause more damage. Safe Antler Alternatives. Our antler dog chews are the biggest and baddest dog bones around, we promise! Doggie Diva's elk antlers for dogs are 100% natural & organic, healthy, everlasting, and oh so tasty! I bought 10 Large antlers for a 5 month old lab and a 10 month old lab. The below listed information on size and weight of the antlers is a general guideline to assist you in your selection. Premium Antlers Elk Large- Antlers are great dog chews. An antler of this size will likely withstand weeks to months of regular Please realize that NO animals are ever harmed in the harvesting process. Perfect for breeds between 40 and 70 lbs. WhiteTail Naturals Large, Deer Antler for Dogs, All Natural Dog Chews. When I first discovered antlers as being an option for dogs to chew, I had a lot of questions. Packed with nutrients and taste, our all-natural elk antler chews will save you money and will become your pet's favorite treat. Elk naturally shed their antlers and no elk are touched when the antlers are gathered. Doesn't smell or stain carpet. All the edges have been sanded smooth. Dogs love to have full access to the marrow in the middle of Our Large Center-Cut Split elk antler Mountain Dog Chews are perfect for dogs between 35 to 95 pounds. JimHodgesDogTraining Brand – Grade A Premium Quality Elk Antler Dog Chew – ALMOST Large Split Antlers 2-Pack (5+ inches and longer) – Great For Bigger Teething Puppies And Medium to Larger Sized Dogs! Grade A Almost Large Whole Elk Antler 2-Pack for Dogs (5-9 inches long). North American Antler is 100% natural and full of nutrition, providing a healthy source of calcium and essential minerals. Ridge Ranch Dog Antlers will entertain your dog with hours of content chewing. PRAIRIE DOG ANTLERS. Grade A means these antlers have been collected from natural sheds in a reasonable amount of time. Are deer antlers good for dogs to chew on? Health benefits: North American deer and elk antlers last a long time, rarely split or chip and are non-allergic (great news for dogs with allergies). This is Hoss from Iowa! As with any dog treat or chew toy, ALWAYS monitor your dog when giving antler chews. The Premier Supplier of Antler Dog Chews - Largest Range - Next Day Delivery - Ethically Sourced - 100% Pure & Natural - Healthy & Long Lasting. Male elk regrow antlers Elk Antler Dog Chews - Extra Large - Premium Grade A Quality Natural Shed Whole Elk Antlers For Dogs - Made in the USA - Hand Picked for Jim Hodges Dog Training - Satisfaction Guaranteed - Safe, Healthy, Nutritious, Organic, Long Lasting Treat Alternative To Dog Chew Toys, Treats, Snack or Bones - XL Thick Antlers bestelkantlers. Elk antlers have virtually no odor or residue to get on your carpet or furniture. No chemicals/preservatives. 5-in, X-Large. PREMIUM QUALITY: Our Naturally Shed Elk Antlers are Grade A quality and make a delicious long-lasting chew. These antlers are sorted and graded. We recommend these for big dogs. Our X-LARGE WHOLE Rocky Mountain Gobstoppers Elk Antlers for Dogs are cut from premium quality, Grade-A naturally Shed Elk antlers. Home / Products / Antlers / MONSTER Antlers - Big Dogs ONLY! Large Split Elk Antler $ 38. Elk antlers are filled with soft marrow and contain essential nutrients your dog needs for a healthy, long life such as zinc, calcium, manganese and iron. For more fervid chew sessions, "Solid" antlers offer a tough texture that is sure to stand the test of time. Comes in regular or split options allowing for quicker access to the tasty marrow dogs love! MONSTER Antlers - Big Dogs ONLY! - Pet Wants Jax Beach . Determining the best choice between the two sizes may overlap with many breeds depending on size and temperament of the dog, or preference. The main concern for most pet owners and vets is the hardness of antlers and whether they will damage a dog’s teeth. Many pet owners choose to give their dogs Antlers to chew on because they have no smell and make no mess. Premium elk antlers for dogs, deer antlers for dogs, & split elk antlers for your gnawing pup! Aug 31, 2012 · Elk antler bones are perfect for small, medium and large dogs and they even come in mastiff size for the big dogs out there. They have amazing dental benefits such as removing tartar, plaque and massaging the gums. These are perfect for dogs weighing 50 to 70 pounds. This is Xena from Santa Barbara, California! Antlers for dogs! . We Have Sizes for Powerful To Light Chewers. A major possibility. 4 Small Split Elk/Deer Antler Dog Chews Free Shipping. No Matter How Much You Buy Shipping Is Still  Dentley's® Nature's Chews Full Elk Antler Dog Treat at PetSmart. We only use antlers that have been naturally shed by wild, free roaming elk, deer, and moose to ensure no harm comes to the animal. • 100% All Natural• Made from USA elk shed antler-No harm to elk!• Jumbo sized split antler chew perfect for large breed dogs. Many dogs have trouble digesting rawhide. Large Elk Antlers are appropriate for dogs weighing 40-70 lbs. FOR The Famous Medium Hard large see my TODAYS SPECIAL TAB You searched for: elk antler! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. Approximately 6-7 ounces and 6-8 inches long. Furries. Elk antler chews are the preferred choice of dogs and dog owners alike due to their high marrow ratio and long-lasting qualities. Due to their unique nature antlers can vary in size, shape, weight, color, and texture. 5-in, Large USA Bones & Chews Deer Antler Dog Chew, 8. 99 Large, Whole, Single Pack - Grade A Premium Elk Antler Dog Chew for 35 to 65 lb dogs – Naturally shed from wild elk – No Mess, No Odor – Made in the USA I have two semi-aggressive chewers who absolutely love Mountain Dog Chews elk antlers. LARGE-SPLIT Elk Antler Dog Chews are cut from Fresh, High quality, Grade A+ USA Elk antlers!. A Split Large Elk Antler can range from 9" to 10" in length. Good for: Our large elk antlers are ideal for large (40+lbs) dogs who are powerful chewers. Elk gather in herds, while moose are solitary. I highly recommend this company and their antlers. ARE Antlers Safe for Dogs? Because antlers are primarily made up of cartilage that mineralize into a bone-like substance – let’s just call it bone, and make it easier on us all, eh? – the most serious safety issue for your power chewer is the possibility of tooth breakage. All Natural USA grade A/#1 craft grade elk antler makes the perfect mess free, non-allergenic, odorless treat for dogs. But antlers are hard enough to withstand the force of another deer’s antlers in battle, which means they’re definitely hard enough to break your dog’s teeth. Giving small antlers to small dogs and big antlers to big dogs is fine, but first you want to make sure they're gentle chewers. net/elk-antlers-for-dogs/. Benefits of Deer Antler Dog Chews. . "Split" antlers are center-cut to create a softer chew for times your dog is seeking a more malleable treat. Give your pup the best--try Redbarn Large Solid Antlers and save big time when you buy in bulk. They're split in half lengthwise to expose the marrow. " Elk are related to deer but are much larger than most of their relatives. Our high quality antlers come from Yellow Stone. 95 CDN$ 19. Find best prices from your favourite online stores for the Elk Antlers for Dogs (Large 7-9') Grade-A Premium Antler Chews for Dogs. Antlers are also softer on the teeth than beef bones. Here's an interesting fact: dogs aren't the only animals that enjoy these natural, tasty treats. We carry a wide selection of deer, elk and other antlers for dogs that are natural, great for your dogs teeth and will keep them occupied for hours and hours. Dogs chew on antler to help with anxiety, speration issues and for dogs teething, an antler is going to be the best babysitter. We are an East Coast company,   Experience Mountain Dog Chews, a premium brand of antlers for dogs, dog treats and outdoor gear for the sporting dog or Large Split Elk Antler Dog Chew . Click on the photo above to view each of our elk antler dog chew products! 1 POUND of Deer and Elk Antler Dog Chew Toys - Pick Your Size. 100% natural & long lasting dog chews. Find the right chew for your dog, no matter the size. Sustainable and humane: Deer and elk shed their antlers in a natural process with no harm to the animal. Our Antler chews are of the highest quality. You will receive: ONE (1) Large Elk Antler measuring between 7" to 9" long. But are all antlers created equal? The main discussion seems to be about deer antlers for dogs. com. Item Detail: RidgeRunner large whole elk antlers for dogs will satisfy your pup’s equally large appetite for chewing. Oct 04, 2016 · Clean: Elk and Deer antlers don’t smell or stain. After doing some of our own research, we agree. X-Large split antlers are ideal for dogs 30 lbs+ who are non-aggressive chewers including teething puppies and senior dogs. Buy Wapiti Labs Whole Elk Antlers Dog Chews, X-large/Giant at Chewy. Once the chew has lost its marrow core, its time to remove it from your dog and replace. 15 Regular Strength Capsule for Large Dogs – 120 Capsules First of all, my dogs LOVE the antlers! They've been chewing on them non-stop since I gave them the antlers. They are collected, cut and sanded to provide your dogs with the safest chewing experience possible. Happy Dog of Cape Cod WHOLE American Elk Antlers for dogs are a long lasting chew that pups can gnaw on for weeks, not days. The best dog chew for heavy chewers. All-natural antler dog chews come predominately from Rocky Mountain ELK and Not for medium or larger dogs due to swallowing risk All sharp antler tips are  Jan 24, 2012 Since I had not ever purchased deer antlers for my dogs I figured it was One person even mentions that his dogs love Elk Antlers even more than I have four dogs, three large (black Lab, boxer/Lab mix, Weimaraner and  Elk antlers are the perfect chew for your dog. Complete 1-lb. Antlers are quite safe as long as you choose the right ones. Ideal for breeds like: German Shepherds, Labrador and Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Huskys and Boxers. Medium dogs will enjoy our Medium Antler Dog Chews. ChewMyAntlers elk antler dog chews are safe, tasty, clean, durable, nutritious, and 100% all-natural: Antler chews are like crack for dogs once they get a taste, they will fall in love. 99 0. Approximately 12-16 ounces and 11-15 inches long. Dogs have different chewing needs and moose antlers provide a natural solution for every dog. Note: Prices May Increase or Decrease From Time to Time Because of Fluctuations in the Weight of the Elk Antlers. 25 - 8. If you go into a pet store and try to purchase antlers for dogs they are almost double the price, and half the size; the ones from the pet stores also don't last as long. Large Gnawtlers are also great for large size dogs when they are teething puppies! Large Elk Antlers range from 7" to 9" in length, and diameter ranges from 1. Jan 14, 2014 · Okay, now that our terrible pun is out of the way, let’s discuss. Elk are typically much larger than deer, so their antlers are bigger and more durable as a dog chew. Each dog chew is made from antlers that have been naturally shed from wild elk and deer, so no harm comes to the animals at any point during the manufacturing process. 5 to 8 ounces and the length will be about 7 to 9 inches. Dogs simply love them! Antlers last longer than bones and are safer because they don’t splinter or fragment into sharp shards or cause digestive troubles like other chews. Our antlers for dogs make delicious, long lasting treats for your beloved pup. Plus they’ll never stain your carpet or get stinky! Elk or deer antler natural dog chew, better than bones! Large Elk Antler Dog Chews are recommended for dogs weighing 30-45lbs. After posting this piece, many of our dedicated followers pointed out that the process in which these antlers are obtained is of great concern. Remember, however, that this is a natural product and each antler will be unique in both size and shape. Our Large size weights about 6. We only offer antlers we would give to our own dogs. We only use antlers that have been naturally shed by wild, free roaming elk, deer, and moose to ensure no harm Pawstruck Solid Antler Dog Chews (X-Large)  Grade A Antlers! For dogs 55 pounds and up 2-3" diameter Elk antlers only - No Deer! Not chemically treated Naturally shed material Contains Calcium Zinc  Results 1 - 48 of 2629 2 Huge XL Split Prime Chews Elk Antler Dog Chew Mix SALE LOT Jumbo SELECT Large. A little while ago Dogs Naturally shared a piece about “Elk Velvet Antler Benefits For Dogs”. SIZED APPROPRIATELY for your Dog – Choose a Large antler for a dog 45-75lbs, Medium for a dog 20-44lbs and Small for a dog less than 20 lbs. I've tried elk antlers from other sources, spending $35-$60 each, only to have them chewed down to dangerously small pieces 2 weeks later. Because this is a natural product, there will be some variation in size and shape. With Healthier coats, cleaner teeth, and the Amazing long time you will get out of an antler the choice is clear antlers are the amazing natural dog chew! Oct 15, 2019 · Difference Between Elk and Deer Antlers. pawalla Large Split Elk Antler Dog Treats are specifically cut for large-sized dogs. Dogs 60 lbs and up; All KONG Wild Antler products are produced using only the highest quality, grade-A elk antlers. Sep 13, 2012 · This is a review and demo of Split Elk Antlers that we received in our Pawalla dog subscription service box. The best and most trusted sources of elk antler chews never harm or farm elk in order to make these treats. For giant breeds. Antlers are going to be a long lasting durable product - They provide many minerals and act as a wonderful toothbrush. Our Kong Wild Elk Antler Dog Toy are ideal for encouraging exercise and will help to promote a special bond with your pet. The large dog bone is a good choice for dog toys for aggressive chewers & natural dog bones for the large guys that need something to gnaw on besides your furniture, shoes or house. And this problem can be made worse if your dog is an aggressive chewer. They can be used as a daily treat, and dogs seem to love them. An antler chew is raw natural antler from wild or farmed deer. See more ideas about Elk antlers, Elk and Deer. Split antlers are great for softer chewers or dogs not familiar with elk antlers. Product is 7 1/2 inches in length Our X-Large split antlers are ideal for dogs 30 lbs + who are non-aggressive chewers including teething puppies and senior dogs. Good for dogs 100lbs + and dogs that a 0 out of 5 $ 74. I did not request any particular type and am pleased with the assortment that was sent to us. They are aggressive chewers and love their moose antlers, they dig all of them (over 20) out of the basket until they find the desired one for that moment. Elk antlers are softer and more spongy on the inside. So i think if your dog is chewing on anything there’s a risk, but I give my pups elk over deer antlers if I can help it. Split Elk Antler Dog Chews are cut down the center to give your dog access to the delicious (and nutritious) marrow located inside the antler. 5 - 9. Purchased the XL antlers for my dogs and received what would be considered med to large instead. 75 Extra Strength Capsule for Large Dogs – 60 Capsules $ 97. Elk Antler Chew – 8″ X-Large Split. These puppy chews use the antler tip, which are the most nutritious part of the Antler. Deluxe Naturals large elk antlers for dogs are sized for dogs 40 to 90 lbs, such as Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Pit Bull Terrier, and etc. they're natural and “ sustainably harvested” (elk and deer shed their antlers naturally). These are great for puppies or miniature breeds, full of flavo Barkworthies grade-A, naturally shed split elk antlers have a smaller profile which is appealing to more dogs. Dogs love to have full access to the marrow in the middle of the chew! Typically not as long lasting as our whole antler chews. The trace elements and minerals in elk antlers are an added nutritional bonus. The center of an elk antler is more porous than deer antler, and allows your dog to more easily get a taste of the  Elk Antler Dog Chews · elk-antler-dog-chews. These sturdy Large Split-Antler chews allow your Dog irresistable access to the healthy and yummy marrow center! ELK. 3 X-Large Whole Chews. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Wild Country Antlers strives to give you and your dog an exceptional antler chews at an affordable price. Choosy Paws Choose Nature Gnaws. Oct 2, 2014 JimHodgesDogTraining Brand – Grade A Premium Quality Elk Antler Dog Chew – ALMOST Large Split Antlers 2-Pack (5+ inches and longer)  May 28, 2019 And there's divided opinions on deer antlers for dogs versus elk antlers in 2013 , they state, there has been a “large increase in cases seen of  GoGo Elk Antler chews for dogs make the perfect long lasting dog chew Split approximately 5"-7", Medium Whole and Split approximately 6"-8", Large Whole  If you have a large dog to cater for, then picking an extra-large elk antler is probably the best way  We supply the highest grade of elk antler for your dog's chew. These treats will allow the dog access to the nutrient rich core. Elk Antlers are made by mother nature and as a result will vary in size and structure. These animals shed their antlers naturally! The antler dog chews you purchase from us today the Elk,Deer and Moose that supplied them are still running around re-growing more of one of natures most incredible renewable resources for your dogs to enjoy time and time again! Deer antlers have more of the harder outer bone, comparative to elk antlers having more of the spongier softer inner bone. What is the difference between Deer, Elk and Moose? Deer antlers are dense and hard. WhiteTail Naturals Whole Elk Antlers for Dogs (1 Pack Large) Natural Dog Chews | Naturally Shed Antler Bone Chew Toy. Dec 17, 2019 · Elk or Deer Antlers. Our Split XL Elk Antlers solve that problem. Antlers are naturally shed and sustainably harvested for minimal environmental impact. Wild Chewz all natural dog treats, chews: elk, deer, moose antler chews, bully sticks, beef tendon, pig ears-dogs go WILD! Fast free shipping from Bend, Oregon. These Large Elk Antler Splits are full antler that is cut lengthwise to expose the marrow. Not all dogs will love chewing every antler. The length of the chews are 6-7". USA Product Long Lasting Bully Stick (XXL 12' +) if the safe is in stock. com: Elk Antlers, Horns, & Chews for Dogs | Best Bully Sticks Find a variety of elk antler and horn chews for your dog with Best Bully Sticks! These all-natural, long-lasting chews are perfect for every dog size. Antlers are excellent for cleaning your dog's teeth; one antler will make a dramatic difference in removing years of plaque & tartar build up! ELK ANTLERS. $17. FREE shipping and the BEST customer service! All natural premium quality elk antler dog chews. No two antlers will be identical. Elk Antlers for Dogs, Premium Grade A Antler Dog Chew, Small, Medium or Large Elk Antlers, Made in USA, Hand Picked for Jim Hodges Dog Training 4. • 100% All Natural• Made from USA elk shed antler-No harm to elk!• Enjoy Your Shopping. Many people purchase antlers for this exact reason–because they are very hard and . Jan 20, 2014 - Natural Elk Antlers for your Dog at http://www. Jul 06, 2018 · And, from the look on his face, he’d probably have answered the question, “Are antlers good for dogs to chew on?” with a happy, head-nodding grin. This renewable and sustainable chew is collected and cleaned without the use of chemicals. All-Natural, Premium Antlers – Ideal for medium and large breed dogs, these pure, natural dog treats are a great choice for heavy chewers or training growing pups. Extra Strength Capsule for Large Dogs – 120 Capsules $ 172. Wide collection of Whole Elk Antler, Split Elk Antler & other Antlers for dogs. I have two small labs (60-65 lbs), I order the large antlers for them and they last the whole year. The antler will be between 4"-6" in length. Split elk antlers are great for puppies, older dogs or dogs that are new to chewing antlers. 95. These antler chews for dogs are a great source of beneficial nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc Oct 05, 2018 · USA ELK ANTLERS FOR DOGS LARGE is sized for Dogs 40+lbs, such as a Labrador, German Shepherd, and Golden Retriever. You searched for: antlers for dogs! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. General Information. , our large whole elk antler chews are all-natural and won’t leave a mess on your carpet. I've spent the same amount on antlers from Bark Avenue, and my dogs are still safely chewing them 11 months later!! These antlers LAST! My dogs love them and I love the quality and value! WhiteTail Naturals Premium Whole/Split Mix Elk Antlers for Dogs - 1 Pound Pack (4-5 Pieces) All Natural Dog Chews - No Added Ingredients Preservatives & Dyes - 6 to 8 Inch Long- Large Antler Chews For Sale. KONG Elk Antlers are the ideal, all-natural chewing solution. Chewing antlers is very good for dogs in many ways. ). Organic chews for puppies, adults, and seniors dogs, Free shipping on all orders Whether you’re a longtime purchaser of deer antlers for dogs or are considering deer and elk antlers for the first time, you’re in the right place! Many dogs love antlers and plenty of pet parents swear by them, but it’s important to learn a little more antlers and decide if they are the right option for your dog. Antlers are also known to improve a dog’s coat. We are committed to not increasing the price per pound of our antlers. Oct 10, 2016 · Antlers come in a variety of sizes and can be split, cut or whole, but again, you don't want to give a small antler to a large dog because of the potential for tooth fracture. Item Number:  Feb 13, 2018 Find out which dog chews and chew toys to avoid. 5. As in about 20% chance. A natural dog chew! You searched for: antlers for dogs! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. Company has not refunded my money, as i refuse to be charged to ship them back since its their mistake. Dec 14, 2016 · The length of the Large Gnawtler elk antlers is 6″ – 7″. 100% natural antler chews help clean teeth & last and last! 100% natural, North American deer or elk antlers are ideal for puppies, aggressive chewers, and large dogs because they last a very long time and rarely split, splinter or chip. While nylon bones, deer antlers, and non-processed large bones may look enticing to dogs, they are hard on their teeth. WHOLE chews are recommended for dogs who already love antlers, but are more aggressive and need a more durable, longer-lasting chew. Prairie Dog Elk Antler Dog ChewAll dogs will enjoy chewing on this unique treat. Doggies love the soft but durable texture of rope. Recommended for: Medium to large adult dogs over 50 lbs who love to chew. Once we gather up the antlers, we carefully clean and heat treat them to guarantee your pup the safest and most delicious treat Large - Recommended for Dogs between 50 and 80 lbs and measuring 8-10 inches in length. Doesn't splinter. The length of our large elk antler is at least 6 inches and each 1-LB pack has 1 pound whole and/or split elk antler dog chews. Our Prairie Dog Elk Antler Dog Chew provides great taste and health benefits for dogs. The large dog bone is a good choice for dog toys for aggressive chewers & natural dog bones for the large guys that need something to gnaw on besides your furniture, shoes Buy Premium Quality Deer Antler Dog Chews, Elk Antlers for Dogs, Buffalo Horns. They are great for puppies and senior dogs as they are softer than whole antlers. 25" to 1. Our antlers for dogs are made of only the finest ingredients nature has to offer. When deer shed their antlers in a wooded forest, squirrels, foxes, mice, chipmunks and other rodents will actively seek them out to feed on. If your dog is a strong chewer consider them one size larger than recommended. The upper part of the antler has a thinner out core and more marrow making these a softer chew for less aggressive chewers, older dogs or puppies. Antler dog chews come naturally from elk — the antlers are collected after the elk lose them every year (yep, they grow back!). Outside of elk antlers, our Goat Horns and Cow Hooves are also high-quality, durable options for your dog. This is Caspian from Illinois! Elk antlers for dogs! This is spud from Illinois with his elk antler chew! This is Pepper from Illinois! Another shedhead! Elk chews! . Sep 12, 2018 · 2. Extra Large Elk Antler Dog Chews are recommended for dogs weighing 45-60lbs. Large sized antler chew perfect for medium to large breed dogs. I have been getting my dogs Acadia Antlers for about 8 years now. We supply the highest grade of elk antler for your dog's chew. and deer antlers are much harder and denser compared to elk antlers. Get the ultimate Elk Antlers for Dogs. Colorado Elk & Deer Antlers-Yes you heard it correctly! Deer antlers along with many other types of antlers like moose, elk and caribou are making the best dog chews you can buy. Moose antlers are flat and don’t make for an ideal dog chew. Elk Antlers for dogs are healthy and natural dog chews and perfect for large breeds and aggressive chewers to improve Dental Health. Below Premium grade, long lasting elk antlers for dogs. TIP: to soften antlers and prevent from splitting, soak overnight in water or meat broth. Our premium antlers for dogs, Gnawtlers® antler dog chews are perfect whether you've got a teething puppy, old pup needing some tartar control, or your pups birthday, or christmas, or just for an everyday treat & dog bone. So go ahead and treat your furry friend to this non-allergenic, odor free, all natural dog chew that won't splinter or chip! Some dogs don't like to work very hard to get to the marrow of an antler. Our passion for moose is what got us started in this business and we look forward to sharing the benefits and the joy of Maine Moose Antlers with you! Maine Moose Antlers offers a variety of premium dog chews. Add to cart. Both split and whole antlers are some of the best chews for the money as they can last your dog weeks if not months until it is gone. Sourced in the USA. Some of the antlers are branched and the dogs love them too. alldogsgotoheaven. Split antlers can splinter and dogs should be supervised at all times when chewing ANY antler. This is Bridget from Nebraska! . These treats are cut to 7-9 inches and are meant for dogs that weigh between 40-70 lbs. THE BEAST Elk  Save $$ buy Premium Elk Antlers Dog Chews in bulk! Our X-LARGE WHOLE Rocky Mountain Gobstoppers Elk Antlers for Dogs are cut from premium quality,  Is Your Best Choice For Premium Quality Naturally Shed Moose, Elk and Deer Antler Dog Chews throughout the United States. Elk Antler Dog Chew. Secondly, antlers are true bone structures that are shed from wild animals. large elk antlers for dogs

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